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Thursday, October 12, 2006


Our middle daughter turned 12 last week. The only thing she wanted was an iPod. Yes, I realize this is a pretty expensive gift for a 12 year old, but to tell you the truth - I was relieved. No more toys. I have to say, the toy era was the worst. All those little pieces of plastic all over the frickin' house, always vacuuming up all the little Polly Pocket parts, legos, Barbie shit - YUCK! Our youngest says all she wants for Christmas is an iPod and a laptop, actually all 3 of the girls want a laptop. My husband says we're nuts - but think about it - ONE STOP SHOPPING! All I have to do is order all 3 online, click, pay, done. They all understand that IF we were to lose our minds completely and buy them laptops, that would be the only gift they would receive and they are all fine with that. Part of me thinks we have lost our minds to even be entertaining such an idea and the other part of me says, why not? They can use them for school, for putting their music on their iPods, for writing (my two oldest are always writing books and plays), etc.

What do you think? Do you think kids should have their own laptops? Why or why not?

Because a post just wouldn't be a post on this blog without mentioning the weather..........let's just say it's cold as shit up here and we have a 'smattering' of snow on the ground...........let me also remind you that it is fucking October 12th. Waaaaaaaaaay tooooo early for this shit. Have no fear though, we live in Northern Wisconsin where it will be back in the 80's by next week. Seriously screwy weather.

We are about to enter into 'cell phone hell' this week - our contract is up with TMobile (Thank You, God) and we are going to Alltel. It seems that Alltel is the only company that recognizes that some people live in BFE and offer better coverage. We'll see how much better next week - it certainly can't be any worse.

The garlic is being planted this week and the horse shit is going on the gardens, then the tilling will commence and we will be ready for next spring. I have to say that now that we have had some time away from the constant farming - I am looking forward to the planning this winter. We certainly learned a lot of things and now we can give this CSA thing a whirl again. Truly, I can't believe those words just came from my fingertips - kind of like childbirth - after enough time, you forget the pain and start convincing yourself it wasn't so bad and do it again. Slow learners.


JGS said...

If you're not too worried about the expense, I don't really believe it is a problem to buy them computers. But it is the rules you lay down after they get them that become crucial.

Will they be allowed to use them in their rooms where you can't see what they're doing?
Will you have any monitoring tools to know what they are doing online?
Will you educate them about giving out personal information, talking to strangers, etc.?
What games will they be allowed to play?

It is essentially the same as TV. Some TV is fine, a lot, not so much. The A-Team (did I just date myself there???) not so good as Little Einsteins heh heh. I'm sure you know what I mean.

I have twin almost 4 year olds and it is nice to think of the day when they are no toys. sigh

Faith said...

I think that if your children are responsible enough to take care of the laptops then there's no reason not to buy them one - as long as you don't mind paying the expense for them. Hey one present instead of going out and trying to find a whole bunch of presents sounds a heck of a lot easier to me.

So, seriously. Alltel provides service in BFE areas? Because I just got into a contract with THell; works great for my boyfriend over in Ohio - not so great for me in BFE. Cingular was awesome; but they bought a "sister" company in my city so we can no longer actually get Cingular.

Cece said...

My oldest is 8 & I think she's almost out of the 'toy' stage now. Yay! This year's Xmas looks like a digital camera & a new TV for their room.

BTW, I fricken hate all that Polly Pocket crap!