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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

....and then there was winter....

Yes. It snowed here today. Hold on, here we go. No. I am in NO way ready for this ride called winter.

We got home last night around midnight from Madison - all exhausted. John got up late for work this morning - not a good start to the week. Alyson's team finished 2nd - which is great. I have to say, there is no better place to witness psychotic parents than at a State golf tournament. Seriously folks - some of these people are whacked out! Girls in tears, moms and dads (sorry guys, but mostly dads) getting on their girls' asses about how they are playing, making them head to the practice tee/putting green after playing 18 holes to 'fix' their mistakes. Wow. Sad but true. I've heard that crazy stuff goes on in all sports, but we saw first hand over the last two days just how nuts people are. Our daughter didn't play particularly well, but the thought of chastizing her and making her cry certainly never came to mind. She was beating herself up enough for all of us - why the hell would I make it worse? And shit, they are at the State tournament for christ's sake - isn't that pretty cool? Not cool enough apparently.

Of course most of the dads that were acting like assholes were big, overweight dudes who could barely WALK the 18 holes that their daughters were playing. You can guarantee these guys couldn't walk 18 holes, carry their clubs and play under the pressure these girls were under - but I guess that's beside the point. They all think they are doing their kids a favor by being the next Earl Woods. Pretty pathetic.

The next week will be spent battening down the hatches in anticipation of this next wonderful season. If anyone reads this very often, they know how I feel about that! Although long days with the kids in front of the fireplace doesn't sound so bad after the long, hard-working summer we had around here. If only I could have everything I need delivered so I never had to leave the house - then life would be good.

Until next time.

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