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Monday, October 16, 2006

A new dog??

Well, there are a couple of very nice people out there who are attempting to help me with the whole sidebar thing. I really need to take a class on this shit - I'm so helpless.

Even though I cannot believe I am typing these words, even as they are appearing on the page, we are thinking of getting a puppy. This is incredibly stupid on a couple of levels: 1)we already have a dog, a beagle named Riley, who is the best dog in the world, perfectly trained, doesn't cause any trouble, listens when I tell him to do something (my husband loves it when I talk to him in my high-pitch baby voice)and just all around great dog. 2)as if anyone who reads this blog doesn't know this because I also double as a weather-woman - but we are heading into the Hell known as Winter - who in their right mind wants to be potty training a puppy in -20 degree weather with 50 mph howling winds? 3)Like this family needs something else to do??

Of course, I want another beagle, they are great dogs although I will never get as lucky as I did with Riley - the next one will have to be stupid, right? Lightning never strikes the same family twice. The kids want - get this - a Pug!! Yes, they are adorable and whatnot, but I have heard they are hard to potty train and snore loudly and blow snot all over the place. Any pug owners out there to deny any of this? Not to mention they are frickin' expensive.*

*Yes, I know animal rights people, if I were an upstanding citizen, I would adopt my puppy from the local shelter and not have to pay as much - but I don't have time to correct other people's mistakes, sorry. Although, I'm sure there is a Pug Rescue Program in the area - okay, I will check that out!

Anyway, we are in the VERY early stages of making this decision, so if there is anyone out there who would like to remind me of what a stupid decision this would be - have at it - I'm all ears.


icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo said...

I have a GREAT idea! Why not get a puggle? We had one but couldn't keep him because I wasn't up for the challenge of potty training and everything else with two kids under the age of two. But he was seriously so great. They are half pug and half beagle. They get the intelligence of the pug and the loyalty good health of the beagle. These dogs are the cutest, most well behaved, sweetest dogs I have ever seen. Giving mine up (it was a really tough decision, but I just wasn't ready for any new pet) was heartwrenching.

Also, if you go to www.petfinder.com, you can do a search for very young dogs and puppies. So, it is possible to adopt a puppy. There are plenty of people who buy puppies as gifts for people and those people do not want them. Adoption fees are often about $800 less than the cost of buying a dog and you may be saving the dogs life.

Cece said...

My first thought was NO! Don't do it! *lol* I let my girls finally talk me into getting them a puppy this past June, and boy did I forget how much work puppies are!

We got a Cocker Spaniel pup & although she is the love of our live and joy in our hearts, her little butt almost got put up for adoption a few times! *lol* j/k-mostly.

Good luck in the puppy search.