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Saturday, October 14, 2006

blog problems

By the way, does anyone know why my sidebar is down at the bottom of this blog? I can't seem to figure it out - any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I'm such a tech-illiterate.


Ghost said...

Somewhere on your sidebar is a link that is longer than allowed for the sidebar itself. OE is not very forgiving in this. My guess would be that if you put line breaks in between all those graphic links at the bottom of your sidebar and each line of the "Cost" stuff, it would pop up to the top again.


carrie said...

in your template, below where it says "page structure" there are sections titled "#main" and "#sidebar". in both of these sections, insert "overflow:hidden;"

hope that fixes it. message me if you need help k ;)

Angie said...

Hey Carrie - how funny - my husband and I were just laughing our asses off at your video of the guy with the plastic doll!!....and now here you are commenting.

You have no idea how much I appreciate you attempting to help my illiterate ass on this sidebar thing. Now bear with me, but when I went into my template - I didn't see "page structure", but I did see "layout" - any chance this would be the same thing?

I'll apologize in advance for my ignorance and thank you again for your help.

LOVE your blog - makes me laugh every day.


carrie said...

aww thanks im glad you enjoy my twisted humor :p

i had a look at your source code and this template is a little different from mine so the titles are also not the same. "layout" is correct and i think "#main-content" and "#sidebar-wrapper" are the sections you want to insert "overflow:hidden;" into.

i took an xhtml class a couple years ago and is probably the only reason i started a blog at all! its not really common sense stuff so dont feel bad i am definitely still learning as i go ;)

good luck! ..and if this doesnt work message me again and i will ask someone nerdier than I :-B