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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cleaning up

We woke up to a brisk 25 degrees this morning and the ground, buildings, cars and house covered in white, yes, I mean snow.

This was the kick in the ass that I needed to get out in my vegetable fields and finish getting them cleaned up, horse shit put down, tilled and all the tools put away. This is a job I always leave for the last minute, because....well, because it sucks. We are putting up a high tunnel hoophouse next weekend, so we had to prepare for that too. Luckily my husband is working 2nd shift this week, so his mornings are being spent 'helping' me. Literally, I couldn't run my business without him, but when it comes to today's type of work, he prefers to ride around on the 4-wheeler, mowing instead of pulling up plants and plastic. He is definitely into the 'toy' part of farming. Tractors, 4-wheelers, brush mowers, etc., this is what he is all about. Oh well, better than no help at all, right?

Alyson is off to a College Fair today, God that is depressing. The thought of her leaving after next year is enough to send me to my bed in the fetal position. Truly, I can't imagine this house without her. Although I am trying to keep a positive attitude and not fall apart, it is not easy. My only hope is that she doesn't pick some college that is 2000 miles away - I might die. Maybe by the time the last one leaves I'll be more ready (yeah, right), but it's hard to see your first one go.

We have a huge week/weekend this week, busier than usual, if that's possible. Friends coming in on Friday, Halloween party Saturday, 40th suprise birthday party Saturday - get ready liver, here comes the weekend. I'm tired already just thinking about it.

We hired an accountant yesterday. The taxes have always been prepared by a professional - me. So when we took our returns into him yesterday I was just waiting for him to have a stroke, but I hadn't actually done too bad. As we get deeper and deeper into this farming thing - I'm not as confident about knowing everything and God knows I don't want a frickin audit - so we'll be letting him handle it from here on out. Plus he already found a couple of ways for us to get more $$ - so he earned his fee in my book.

Does everyone out there realize it is almost November 1st?? Jesus, where did fall go and the though of Christmas makes me want to wretch. Not even close to being ready for that shit. I need to spend a good month on eBay trying to sell the stuff we don't use now, just in time for the new stuff - really sad.

Well, my coffee break has gone a little over and I can see my husband out there working, the guilt is kicking in - off to scoop horse poop - don't you all wish you had my life? It's glamorous.


Cece said...

Sounds like your life is super busy right now! I swear I'm not prepared for Christmas. And that is so unlike me, too. I think I'll hit ebay and see what I can find...

icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo said...

This whole post just reinfoces something that I've been noticeing lately myself. Life is just going TOO quickly. Especially now that I have too kids. My Beans first year flew by and I don't know when I went from having two babies to having two toddlers. Now I have a child and a toddler and suddenly... summer turned to fall and it's cold and we're making plans for Thanksgiving, trying to figure out our Christmas shopping. What?????? We were just swimming and I still have swimsuits in the launry room!