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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Okay, this sidebar thing is driving me nuts. Maybe I'll change templates, but did anyone notice there is nothing interesting? I need to find someone to hook me up with a new look - any suggestions?

It would undoubtedly help if I new my ass from a hole in the ground when it came to this type of thing - but maybe someone will take pity on me. It always seems like I start to get into trying to figure it out at the worst possible times, like....now. We are on a tight schedule and the next 4 days are beyond hectic.

Tonight we have two kids (Maddie & Brenna) that need to be dressed in halloween 'garb' and ready for a party by 4:00. Of course one of these kids, Maddie, is supposed to be the Lion in a group that is being the Wizard of Oz. At one time, we had a lion costume and as far as I was concerned, we still did - so I wasn't worried about this costume. Upon digging out all the halloween tubs (5 of them), it was discovered that we no longer have the lion costume. Oh shit. So, we are heading out shortly to try and scavenge together a lion costume that will do. God, I hate it when I do this shit. Brenna is going as a hillbilly - now, that is an easy costume.

Our 16 year old is also co-hosting a halloween party Saturday night and not only does she not have her costume together, last night we had the following conversation:

Alyson: Mom, what kind of food should I have? And games, I need games too.

Mom: Alyson, isn't your party in 3 days? Do you have anything ready?

Alyson: It's fine mom. Just give me some ideas about the food and games.

Mom: Who is buying all the food, by the way?

*crickets chirping

Alyson: Ummmmm, ..............us?

Mom: Would "us" include "me"?

Alyson: Well, I thought maybe you would want to help out, right?

Of course I would.

So, not only am I "helping" out with the cost of this teenage party for about 50 kids (that'a a shitload of food, mind you) but will be trying to figure out the costume and games for these turkeys also. Thank God for the internet.

Good thing Alyson got a job, because not only is she paying for this party, but she went over on her text messages again this month too - to the tune of $50.00. This whole text message phenomenon is beyond me. At the risk of sounding like my grandma, "what is the point?" You have unlimited minutes on your phone to TALK to your friends, but instead, let's send 855 (actual number) text messages when we are only alotted 400? While we're on this subject, have you ever witnessed a teenager actually send a text message? They have the ability to type about 500 words per minute and use two hands and send/receive about 40 messages in about a millisecond. Wow. It really makes me feel old.

We have also been put in charge of getting our Over the Hill friends to their 40th suprise birthday party on Saturday night. We haven't quite figured out how that is going to happen, but first things first - the Lion from the Wizard of Oz........we are off to Target!


Cece said...

Sounds like you've got your plate full!

My sister & I are on the same phone plane and at one time we went over our alloted text messages, too. To avoid that in the future, we just upped our text plan. We text b/c we're both at work & aren't able to jump on the phone for a chat. We'll text eachother for a quick this or that. I do have to say that I text more than I talk on my cell. LOL

Good luck with the costumes, the food and the party friends!

Christopher said...

My first guess would be that your google ad banners are wider than the main section of your blog template causing the sidebar to drop down.

The main section is only 483 pixels wide, so if the google ad banner is wider than about 375, it could cause problems.

This might not be the issue, but it would be the first thing I'd check into. Hope this helps.