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Monday, March 06, 2006

Birthdays, syruping & seeding, oh my!

Whew. Busy, busy and new beginnings. The task this week is to get as many perennial flower seeds, onions and leeks started in the greenhouse, host and survive our 9 year olds birthday party and helping a new-found friend cut wood so we can maple syrup at his house in a few weeks!

The new found friend is named Keeno. Out of the blue, this little 80-year-old Hawaiian man called me. He had heard what I was doing with the CSA, he lived in my area and wanted to know if he could come over and see my 'operation'. "Well, I don't have much of an 'operation', so to speak, but you are welcome to come over and see what we are doing". Keeno came over and proceeded to stay for about 3 1/2 hours. We talked non-stop, talking about many things we have in common. Our love for gardening, chickens, wanting to raise bees, etc., etc. This little man had so much knowledge - I was overwhelmed! He has done everything and knows something about every aspect of gardening, vegetables, keeping bees, keeping chickens, grafting fruit trees, growing grapes - I couldn't believe my luck in him finding me!

We became fast friends and we talk on the phone about every other day now. He gave me a beautiful orchid when John and I went to his house yesterday to help him chop wood so he can maple syrup. In exchange for our help with the syruping, we will get lots of yummy syrup and get to hang out with Keeno and gleen some of his knowledge. I truly feel blessed that he was put in my path at this time when I am so anxious about making this CSA work and not screwing it up. What better comfort than having a new friend who knows so much and who desperately wants to help in anyway he can. He really wants the company, he is alone and is happy to be around and working, just for another person to talk to. We both win.

Brenna's 9th birthday was on the 25th - while we were at the conference, so this coming weekend is her 'friend' party - 10 little 8-9 year olds swimming at the local indoor pool for 3 hours - yeah. I always go way overboard on my kids birthdays and stress more than necessary and this one will be especially hard because there are so many things going on right now.

The seeding has started in the greenhouse - it feels so good to be out there. We had major snow yesterday, so to be in the greenhouse where it is all nice and warm is great. It's a little early, but there are some flower seeds that need to be started and of course, onions and leeks always need to be started early too. Any excuse to be out there - I don't care.

The weather is supposed to be in the mid-40's for the next 5 days or so, so the snow we got won't be around long - thank God. I'm really ready for sunshine and warm weather - this winter, although not bad in terms of cold - has been long. Bring on the sunshine.

Maddie had a clogging show yesterday at the local Home Show and Alyson is chomping at the bit to get on the golf course. She's thinking of getting a job at the local golf course - which would mean free membership (good for me) and being able to golf all summer - right up her alley!

Two new members to the CSA - so we are closing in on being full - something I never thought possible in our first year. Pretty exciting. The deadline was March 1st - but these two slipped in a little late - what am I going to say, "no"??

Have a good one, Internet.

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