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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Girl Scouts.....

Did I mention I was Brenna's girl scout leader? Just one more thing on my list of shit that makes me crazy. Yes, I volunteered, but only because of guilt. No one else would do it, Brenna isn't involved in as many things as her sisters and I "did it for Maddie", as Brenna reminded me, so there you go.

Luckily, there are only 4 girls in her troop and they are pretty cool. There is one girl I don't particularly click with, but my co-leader is good with her. Anyway, today was our February meeting. We cross country ski'd - which was cool - Brenna loved it, now she wants John to make trails at our house and buy her some equipment, good thing cross country ski shit is cheap. We have all downhill ski stuff, which is not cheap, but my dad buys it for all of us every year at Christmas - or we wouldn't be skiing!

Anyway, there was a point trying to be made. My point is, I think there is something wrong with me. Kids bug me. Not my kids of course, but other people's kids. Now, let me clarify, little kids? love 'em. Babies? Adore them. Kids don't start bugging me until about age 7 - then they bug the shit out of me. Yes, I am a girl scout leader for a group of 8 year olds - so what? I cannot figure out why this age group makes me uncomfortable and annoyed. But they do. I'm nice to them, but if I have to spend more than an hour with a group of 7-8 year olds? I want to stab my eyes out. Bad, I know. Some kids that age are cool, but only the ones that are ahead of their time and act like miniature adults - I could spend all day with them.

Next month the meeting is at our house. Wow. Bring on the valium. I think we will spend the time outside in the greenhouse - it will be open and running by then - maybe we will plant seeds or something - there has to be a badge in that book for something like that.

My co-leader seems really cool - I haven't had much time to really get to know her, but she is sort of 'hippyish' and seems like we'd hit it off well. She didn't serve chocolatey, frosting covered crap for snack today, she served popcorn, grapes and apples - which made me like her even more. It showed Brenna I'm not the only nut-job when it comes to eating healthy, gave me some 'mom-cred', gotta love that.

Besides girl scouts driving me nuts, not much else going on here - expecting company this weekend - our friend Mark from Illinois - the computer guru - he helps me get the computer system up and running for the conference every year. Always a good time - and then we have our Valentine's Day adult party on Saturday night. John is supposed to be coming up with a poem or song to read or sing to me, it was an assignment to all the guys invited to the party. I heard him rehearsing the other day, it went something like this: "there once was a guy named Dave......", I'm very scared.

Gotta go pick up middle child from clogging - have a good night.

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