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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Finally, some pictures

Well, I have finally figured out how to add pictures to this thing. Lucky you, now I will be posting all kinds of pictures of 'farm life'. I know you can't wait.

The first set, of course, had to be my chickens - my children are really starting to get worried about my obsession with these birds. It was just irresistable how they were all checking out the newly fallen snow this morning - they are finally getting used to the white stuff - good thing considering where we live.

Then just a few shots of our pine grove all covered in snow - one of my favorite things about winter. Which, as you know if you read this at all, is a stretch for me to have a 'favorite' thing about winter.

And finally, my youngest, Brenna in her sled, not sure what she is doing - looks like she's taking a nap - but all the same - just enjoying the new snow too.

The oldest, Alyson is home from school today with strep throat, at least I think it's strep throat, all the classic symptoms are there, but we will go in for a test today to make sure. God, I hope it isn't - something I really don't feel like catching.

Enjoy the pictures - short post today, drowning in unfinished business - more tomorrow.

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