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Monday, January 30, 2006

Mystery Solved

Yes, the non-eating dog mystery is solved and both of my commenters were correct. As I went out to open the chicken coop and feed the chickens this morning, I was met by a most macabre scene.

There at the foot of the front porch steps was the skeleton and partial spine of a deer. Yum.Yum. After my heart started beating again, it all made sense. Our neighbor, not exactly close neighbor, across the pond, through the woods (to Grandmother's house we go) and up a pretty steep hill is our neighbor, the taxidermist! Aha! The light bulb goes on.

My question is, how in the hell did this little dog drag that sucker all the way home? and why did he feel it was necessary to leave it at the doorstep like some kind of frickin' prize??

Yuck. I pulled it out to the end of the driveway so my husband could dispose of it when he got home, only to find the chickens eating on it a little while later - disgusting!! So, I lifted the thing up and put it in the garbage can for John to figure out later. Really, really gross.

Who knows how many others are over there waiting for him to find - can't the guy dispose of them a little better than just throwing them out the back door? I am going to have to worm the shit out of that dog - don't you think?

Anyway, onto happier thoughts. We are in the process of trying to pick out the new batch of baby chicks to order for spring - this is almost as fun as ordering seeds. God, my life is dull, isn't it? Anyway, looking through the hatchery catalog with the kids and everyone picking out their favorites is great. There is nothing like the box of little peepers arriving and getting them settled into the chick area that is all toasty warm for them. They are too cute for words. It is still pretty cold here when they arrive, so we keep them in the mudroom in an enclosure next to the dog - he is so proud and stands guard, well actually 'sleeps guard' next to the box. If they start peeping loudly or getting excited, he sticks his head over the side of the box to check things out and then lays back down and goes to sleep. So cute.

No better way to spend a winter day than drawing out garden plans and ordering baby chicks. Farming is the greatest!


Lucy said...

Ah a dead deer, of course!

I had a dfog that was about 40 pounds drag home half a deer carcass and than for a few weeks more drag home the rest in pieces.
Another time she drug home a huge dead coho salmon (from lake Huron) that washed up on the beach. It was just like Homer Simpson and a rotten sandwich. She would nosh on the thing get horrible sick and go back at it. 4 times the men folk went out with the salmon and buried in a sand dune in the woods but she would find the thing, dig it up and drag it home. Finally my husband and brother drove it several miles away and dug a 4' hole and buried it and she could not find the salmon.

My current dogs found not 1 but 2 horse skeletons here about a month after we moved in

Dogs are good

Kara said...

I thought that was what it was! Glad to know you found out what was going on. And I have no idea why they feel the need to leave us the remains as a prize. My cats to that with rabbit and bird parts. Just the other night after eatting an entire full grown rabbit, one of the cats tried to bring me the tail as a gift. Um, thank you but no thanks. I'm with you - YUCK!