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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Long time no post...

Okay. We survived Christmas and the survival rate going into the New Year looks promising. Is it just me or does it seem like Christmas was a month ago? This seemed like the longest week of my life! Anyway, all the kids are happy, spoiled and exhausted. All the travelling is over and all the relatives are good for another 6 months or so before we have to see them again. So now what?

New Years first I guess. Anybody have any big plans? The husband and I are taking a few days for ourselves, kids are off to grandma's and we are heading to Hayward with friends. I'm excited to go but I am also looking forward to all this holiday stuff being over and getting back into the normal routine. Although I suppose not many people would view our routine as 'normal'.

January, February and March are very busy months around here so we better prepare. We have the seed orders ready to send and the book catalogs for the conference are pouring in, next will be the chicken order, so maybe I better just relax and enjoy the New Years holiday before the sh*t hits the fan, right?

We got two calls last night for people who are interested in signing up for the CSA, not sure what that brings our grand total to, but I am starting to get a little anxious - so much pressure. It is great to know that there are people who are interested in what we are doing and that word of the movement back to locally grown food is out there, but it's still a little nerve racking when you are the one they are depending on for the stuff! I'm sure it will be great and we will look back on this time as the "easy" time, so I should stop worrying. Something my husband says is not even part of my vocabulary.

Hope you all had a nice Christmas out there and have a safe New Year and we'll talk to you in 2006!

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