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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

It's all downhill from here....

The shopping is DONE. After my 9+ marathon yesterday, the shopping is all done and now I can breathe. See? What's wrong with waiting until the last minute - no problem.

All the cards are sent and I am home free. Now there is nothing left to do but mentally prepare for all the family interactions. We will have some family here in the early afternoon on Christmas Eve, head to some other family members home in the evening, home Christmas morning, in-laws Christmas afternoon and head to my mother's the day after Christmas. Whew, I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

One of my good friends is getting married on the 30th, then John and I are heading to Hayward with friends for 2 days over New Years. I can't WAIT for that. Two days, no kids (thank God for grandmothers), snowmobiling (even I can enjoy winter sports after a few drinks), eating out and sleeping in. This will have to be enjoyed because after that it is work, work and more work.

The greenhouses will be opening at the end of January and the Upper Midwest Organic Farming Conference is in mid-February, so the book ordering will begin! We have worked for this conference for the past 4 years, we order and sell all the books. It is a LOT of work - but we love it and the kids have a great time. Then, before we know it, the spring is here and the work never ends.

I'm excited just thinking about it - Spring - I can almost feel it. Okay, maybe that's a little premature - but I can dream. The seed orders have all been placed and we are ready for some sunshine. We have 12 people signed up for our CSA and are hoping for about 8 more. Twenty families should be enough to make me completely insane for the first season - then maybe we can take on some more next year.

I'd be curious to know - how many of you are members of a CSA or something similar? How do you like it? What would you change about it? Just a little market research before I jump 'head-first' into this project. Thanks for the input.


Orikinla Osinachi. said...

By our unique good words and good deeds we make life so beautiful and wonderful.

May the good Lord give you more energy for the synergy of your friendship and partnership in all your goodwill and pursuits.

What is so special about Organic Farming?

I have a fellow Nigerian Sokari Ekine our Regional Editor for Global Voices Online who blogs from her organic farm in Spain.

Are you also blogging from your organic farm?

I enjoyed reading your exciting post.

God bless.

Lucy said...

exciting your greenhouses will be operating by the end of the month!

And you have 8 CSA members already, I have zero but generally I do not get much action in the CSA realm until March/April. Though i should start sending out reminder emails to past clients this week.