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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Deer Opener

This weekend, every November, is known as Deer Opener. We live in Northern Wisconsin, remember? Everyone deer hunts. Literally, every truck, van or car you pass has some form of Blaze Orange clothing or a deer carcass on top or in a trailer they are pulling behind.

This year is Maddie's first year hunting with her dad. Most kids that turn 12, take Hunter Safety over the summer so they are ready to roll for the Opener.

God bless her, it was 20-some degrees here this morning and she got up at 5:30 a.m., bundled up in 300 layers of clothing, trounced her ass out in the woods, climbed to the top of a tree and sat in a deer stand for 4 hours. That's dedication.

Unfortunately, not only did she not get a chance to shoot anything, she didn't even SEE anything that looked like a deer. That didn't stop her from heading back out there tonight to give it another go. Still nothing.

Believe it or not, she is heading BACK out there tomorrow morning. She's either dedicated or completely nuts. I'm voting for nuts.

All the crazyness aside, it's a great time for her and her dad to spend some quality time that doesn't include T.V., iPods, computers or cell phones......instead they have actual conversations. How novel.

The cool thing is when she gets home, her cell phone starts blowing up and its all her friends checking in with each other to see how their hunt went and seeing if anyone got lucky. Boys AND girls - and that's pretty cool.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ah, her first hunt. That is really exciting!

alwayssomethin said...

Yes, soon I will have to drive with my eyes closed so I don't have to look at all the tongues hanging out. My mom said there are 4 in the barn already.

denise said...

It is the same around here - can't drive for more than 5 minutes without seeing a deer on a truck, neon orange at the side of the road next to some farm woods, or clothes/carcass hanging out on a front porch! We are in Wisconsin, fer sure!

Country Girl said...

That is great that she gets to spend that time with her dad. In Maine hunting age is 10 so my oldest will only miss 1 more season and then he'll be out there with his pa.