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Saturday, October 25, 2008

No, she was not trampled by a moose or eaten by a bear.....

So, I leave on this 5 day photography trip to Grand Marais and then fall off the face of the blogging world, wtf?

Well, we are dealing with some personal, heavy shit around these parts. When things aren't so raw? I'll share, but for now, let's talk about Photography!

Well, to sum up the trip up North in a few words? or maybe one word? WOW. The people, the scenery, the instructor.....all amazing. Five days of driving around with cool people, talking, getting to know each other and making stops at beautiful places to spend the day taking cool pictures. What else is there in life?

I'll share a few photos from my final show. That was the gig, after the 5 days, we had to come up with 10 pictures that told a story of our trip as a final show. Nerve racking, to say the least. But if you've taken 1500 pictures? You can certainly find at least 10, right? Well, you would hope so, but it still wasn't easy. I mean, you have a National Geographic photographer being the judge here, so it's a little intimidating. In the end, all the shows were great and everyone had a different perspective of the trip even though we were all together taking pictures in the same area - so that was cool.

So do you want to take a guess on what the next adventure is going to be? This same guy that taught this workshop, teaches another one in the winter, January to be exact. The workshop is 5 days of mushing your own dog sledding team up North and taking pictures. How frickin' cool does that sound? As of right now, I'm on the waiting list for this coming January - me and two other people from this trip - we want to do it together. Layne (pro-photog guy) showed us pictures from the dog sledding trip last year and it looks amazing. One of those once in a lifetime things, you know?

Well, there will be more to tell about this trip, but for now, here are a few of the shots from my final show. Hope some of you are still out there after my long absence. I can't wait to get caught up on what's going on in your lives.


so NOT cool said...

Welcome home!!

The second and third photos made me take a deep, slow, happy sigh. And, boy oh boy, I needed that. :)

Ang said...

Beautiful pics!!
Glad to see you back! I was wondering about you!

Take care- hope things are working out, whatever it is.

Denise said...

Great pictures! Is is beautiful up there isn't it :)

laurie said...

ah, grand marais. one of my favorite places on Earth.
your class sounds great. Layne Kennedy was nice, yes?

and the January class sounds quite fun. i hope you get in.

Country Girl said...

Nice pics, sounds like fun. I've been thinking about taking some photo classes and or learning more about my Creative suites program I have. What about an on-line class...any suggestions?

Cherry said...

Why must you make me so jealous all the time!

That second shot is totally gorgeous! The Movement, the colors! Really amazing!

So what camera are you using now?

I'm glad you have come back. Deal with all that you need to deal with and tell when/if you are ready to tell. We'll still be here.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

A great big WOW right back at ya! Those photos are incredible. What an experience!

Kat said...

Holy crap, those shots are BEAUTIFUL! WOW! Can we see them all?

Minnesota Matron said...

Oh my God. The second one is my favorite. Those colors!!! Hey, I didn't come here for this reason, but it occurs to me that I'll be at the Phipps in Hudson to see Sound of Music next Friday (November 7) if you're interested in meeting. . . I'm going to let Green Girl know too. Plus, I've been thinking about an open 'let's meet in St. Paul" invitation to all local bloggers.

Anyway, terrific photos! Hope the personal heavy stuff lightens, soon.

Yes -- I'd see more photos, as Kat!

Erikka said...

More pics! More pics!