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Monday, September 01, 2008


We sent our first little bird out of the nest yesterday, off to college and her new life. I maintained very well throughout the move-in process, the saying good-bye and the drive home. Then inexplicably, I go downstairs to go to the bathroom and there hanging on the hook is her robe. There I sit bawling my fool head off while sitting on the toilet.

Today, I'm preparing for my brother to come visit, which will be a wonderful distraction. He will be here for 6 days and we have quite a few activites planned, which will be helpful to my state of mind.

My other children are showing their sadness about their sister leaving by being little monsters. They are fighting, going out of their way to be annoying and complaining about everything possible. Perhaps they are trying to make it easier on me when it's their time? At this point, I could easily ship them off as well.

I'm missing my blog-sistas - I've been so absent and miss reading/commenting on all your blogs. I'll try to catch up some today/tomorrow, but the posts will be few and far between, which is not really anything new. Besides, if I wait awhile and let the fog clear, the posts won't be as depressing.

Have a wonderful Labor Day, ladies.


so NOT cool said...

I can't imagine. I think about that day often, when she moves out. I'm glad that you have a distraction for a few days.

Happy Labor Day.

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Ooooh, so sorry. Hopefully, this will get easier for you in the coming days. If not, I recommend margaritas.

Tara said...

My brother is going through this as well. He was actually happy he had to have surgery (nothing major) for the distraction.
Hang in there!

Green Girl said...

Transition. Sometimes it's so tough. I'm glad you have a good house guest to take the edge off while you adjust and grieve.

*~*Cece*~* said...

Hang in there, girlfriend, just hang in there. {{hugs}}

Cherry said...

Distractions are good in these moments aren't they.

I hope to get back on the blog-wagon someday soon to tell you about my first bee adventure which you were my inspiration.

m~ said...

Oh wow, I'm sure you'll pull through. Enjoy your visit with your brother.
Gustav came to visit us and I'm ready for him to leave, LOL!

Kat said...

Sad! Sorry! Have fun with your brother!

Erikka said...

awww, so sad to send a "little" one off. oddly, today I sent my beau off for a week's travel and I CRIED! He's coming back and it's only a week and I STILL cried.

It's nice to be emotionally healthy.

Good luck adjusting to the new set up, Angie.

denise said...

Oh, a big day. I can imagine it would affect everyone in a big way!