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Friday, August 01, 2008

I hate it when my kids are smarter than me, which is most of the time

So, after my kids had listened to me bitch for the eleventy-millionth time about how they lost my frickin card reader, Maddie (that damn middle child, over-achiever), says, "mom, you know you don't need a card reader, you have a slot in the front of your computer that you can just slide your SD card into."

Me: "No I don't! That is NOT what that slot is for."

Maddie: 'walking over to my camera, taking out the SD card, walking over to my computer and sliding it into the slot' - "There, your pictures are uploading to Picasa."

Me: "Well. How would you know that if you weren't messing with my computer? You KNOW you're not supposed to be messing with my.......blah, blah, blah. Oh, yeah, and.....thanks."

Maddie: "No problem, mom." 'as she walks away, looks at her sisters and they all roll their eyes.'

Shit. I hate that. Anyway, to make an already long story a bit shorter, here are the fair pictures.

Loading up with shavings for the sheep pens.

Decorating the pens. Our theme this year was "Barn to be Wild" - hence the guitars.

Unloading our tubby little girl from the trailer....Casey, not Brenna:)

Helping Casey get acquainted with the neighbors.

All dressed and ready to show.

Off we go!

C'mon, dude - pleeeaaase be good.

Listening intently to the judge and still begging Casey to behave. (Please ignore that child next to her, since I did not have my permission slips handy authorizing me to put other people's children on the Internet.)

Back in the pen, clothes changed, and still loving Casey even though she took last place due to her tubby little tummy:)

These sheep shows are hilarious. Watching these kids wrestle these animals without lead ropes (they are only allowed to use their bare hands) while the judge takes his sweet time making a decision, is priceless.

Here are just a few more random shots. Enjoy.

*Notice how I cleverly stuck my business card into the vegetable box? The kid gets a blue ribbon and maybe I get some business! No shame, I know, no shame.


denise said...

Oh, such great photos! I love fairs - watching kids with their animals is priceless. :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

How fun! Your daughter's serious face while listening to that judge--priceless expression. Glad to know your children have knowledge enough to save your pictures:)

Mrs. G. said...

Great work! Kids being smarter than their parents is evolution at work.

so NOT cool said...

Oh, how I miss taking part in the county fair!!

I'm the tech savvy one in my house. X is next. After that, my husband, theother23. Just a few weeks ago, his best friend was here and couldn't figure out how to get his photos off of his camera to show us. My husband said, 'just put the card in your laptop.' I said, 'I don't have a spot.' Then, just like in your case, he pulled the card out of the camera and put it in my laptop slot.'

D'oh. I can't believe that I never noticed that there!!!

laurie said...

i love the fair. great pictures!

and glad you, um, figured out how to get them into your computer.

Tara said...

A great portrait of the fair! I love the pictures of your daughter and her four legged friend. So sweet.
As for being techno savvy, the next book I'm set to read is "Blackberries for Dummies." Guess you know where I stand, eh?