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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fridge Shot

I truly cannot believe I'm doing this - but when I saw the challenge over at Minnesota Matron's place awhile ago - I made a mental note to 'just do it'.

So, here is my (dirty) fridge shot. Remember how much I talk about his being my busy season? Yeah - well cleaning the refrigerator is not high on the priority list. Just keeping it full of food is enough of a challenge around here with children that eat like an invasion of locusts.

Thank god she didn't ask us to give a freezer shot - I wouldn't be able to open the door quick enough for the picture without an avalance of shit falling on me.

Did any of you participate? If you did, leave me a comment so I can snoop through your fridge!


*~*Cece*~* said...

I've seen posts like that in the past before, I really should do it...when its packed with beer for a BBQ! LMAO

Ang said...

I can't believe you have a pic of my fridge on your blog!! I mean...really, ssheesh!


I thought I heard someone come in the back door late last night! Hehehe!

Minnesota Matron said...

Your fridge is utterly respectable, honey.

The source speaks.

Tara said...

Brave mama. My purse and my fridge are off limits to the blog world. I just can't go there.

Madeline said...

This was the first thing I did after dropping my kids off for the week at their cousin's. It had been a loooong time! I wish I had a before picture to show you so that you could see how ok your fridge really is. I blame it on all the fresh produce everywhere.

so NOT cool said...

I did not take part this time, but I've participated in other fridge challenges. I should have taken part this time ... My fridge is actually clean!

And, yours actually looks pretty good compared to others that I've seen. This is fun. Thanks for sharing!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Yours looks well-stocked for the weekend! And our fridges look almost identical--I had to look twice at yours!

Carolyn said...

Just stopped by for a visit. I wanted to say Hi and Nice Blog.


Barb said...

Just passin' through and noticed Stillwater, Mn. I have many family members that live in Stillwater! I'm from Cali. Stillwater is a nice town. :)