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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Adult time

Back in March, for my 40th birthday, my dad bought John and I tickets to the Mark Knopfler concert. Do you remember him? He was in the band Dire Straits? Anyway, I grew up on that music, they were my dad's favorite band and I have many memories of the music being so loud in our home, the windows would rattle.

Mark has gone out on his own now and his and Dire Straits are some of my favorite music to have playing in the house.

The concert was at the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis - a great small venue for a concert like this - and we had a great time.

In spite of the fact there were large signs all over stating how it was illegal to bring in cameras or video equipment, I'm sort of a rebel and not only brought in a camera, but a large camera with a telephoto lens:) No one seemed to mind.

It was great to get out with John and eat, drink and talk without interruption and be able to see a great concert.

I'm going to add one of my Dire Straits favorites to my music on the blog - it's called Romeo and Juliet - check it out.


jenny said...

fun!!! glad you had a good time and were a rebel - sneaking in your camera and all. :) nicely done.

Country Girl said...

Glad you have fun and I love the rebel side of you! ~Kim

Anonymous said...

So it was him! I kept studying the pix on flickr and couldn't make up my mind if it was him or not.

Dire Straits and Mark were/are my father's all time favorite! My Dad and I went to see Dire Straits in concert many years ago...and a couple of weeks ago I called him up to tell him that Mark was going to be playing in Syracuse. Funny little coinky-dink, eh?

I adore the whole Making Movies cd...and I still get chills when I hear the title song from Brothers In Arms.

Great, great stuff.

Tara said...

I like Dire Straits, too. Sounds like a good time...

kelli said...

Of course I find your blog after we move from Minnesota to Georgia. *g* I followed you from Madeline's :)

Your pigs are adorable and your blog is great!

Madeline said...

I love seeing Kelli here. : ) Like seeing you at Danielle's - makes the world smaller.

Nicoas loooves this man! I'll have to show him this picture. He'll appreciate the bald head. I really like him too.

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Oh God, you chose my all time favorite Dire Straits song. LOVE this song, and I love Mark Knopfler. I've seen him a few times in concert, including a couple of years ago, when he was touring with Emmylou Harris, which was interesting, as I'm not really familiar with her work.

Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed the concert. Mark is awesome. Awesome. I even have an ode to this very song on my blog, way back when.
http://jellyjules.com/?p=244 (I don't know if the link to the song still works, but it doesn't matter, because you have it here...)

Mrs. G. said...

His voice gives me goosebumps and high school flashbacks.

m~ said...

Great shot, i'm too chicken to break the rules, way to go sister!
I grew up on Dire Straites too

Kat said...

How funny, I was just reading about him tonight. I do a local cultural events column for a little paper in FL and he's performing there next month. Looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

Oh, the sounds of my youth. Thanks!