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Monday, March 31, 2008

a post full of questions

Question #1:
Does this look like March 31/April 1st to anyone?

Answer: In Alaska, maybe.

Question #2:
How long is a reasonable time to be under construction from a septic back up that happened on January 23rd?

Answer: Insurance sucks.

Question #3:
Would you tolerate your husband starting new construction projects on top of the original construction?

Answer: Not if you wanted to stay married.

Question #4:
Would it be smart of your 13 year old daughter to cop an attitude with her mother over washing pans in the sink, when said mother was suicidal over the weather and also ready to divorce said daughter's father over all the construction?

Answer: Not if you would like to have a social life sometime in the next month.

Question #5:
What is the etiquette on how long after a holiday you can still post pictures from said holiday?

Answer: Not sure. Let me know if this is in violation on holiday posting etiquette.

Question #6:
If you have an old blue leather couch, chair and ottoman, from 1994 that doesn't match your new carpet, and you live in a small town with no thrift stores to donate it to and you've asked every person you can think of if they know of anyone who could use said furniture and all have said, 'no', is it environmentally unfriendly to allow your husband to burn said couch? Or would it be more environmentally unfriendly to drive an hour to the Twin Cities in a large truck to bring it to a thrift store?

Answer: Your multiple choice - A or B

Question #7:
Have you ever been to IKEA?

Answer: If yes, don't you love every single Swedish centimeter of it, as I do? See #6 for the reason why I've been spending so much time there.
If no, what is wrong with you? Get to one!

and finally,
Question #8:
Would you think I had totally lost my mind if I signed on for the month of April festivities over at NaBloPoMo and attempted to post for 30 days straight?

Answer: Yes. Considering how sporadic things have been around here for quite some time, you would be right to assume my mind has left me. However, I did and I am and we will see how it all turns out. If any of you would like to join me, the theme for April is letters - as in writing letters to yourself, someone you are mad at, someone you love, your kids or your husband - to beg him to stop the madness and put your tools away already before I leave you with these 3 daughters that WILL kill you. You need me, don't mess it up.

Sorry, I'm so anxious to write that letter.........


Mrs. G. said...

Let's see. I can't really solve your husband and daughter problems, and I'm sure they are only temporary.

Do you have a local Craig's List or Free Cycle? If you list that furniture for free, I promise you it will be out of your house within hours.

I love Ikea, but I can't go there as my husband and I had our worst fight ever in that store. He wouldn't shut up about the fact that he had to walk through the ENTIRE store like he was a rat in a maze. We made peace when we drove home but only after making a pact to never, ever return.

I look forward to your thirty days of posts.

And we had 4" of snow in Seattle this weekend.

Ang said...

Hear ya on the crazy supposed-to-be spring weather. YUK!

My 9yo has enough drama goin' on, I'm trying to not even speculate attitude above 12.

Construction projects?? Sounds like my 1/3 not started, 1/3 torn apart and 1/3 fresh drywall up basement that was supposed to be a winter project...untouched in the last 6 months.

Ok, I'll bite on the NaBloPoMo. Maybe that's the motivation I need to get moving on my blog.
Good luck to you!

Ang said...

Yes, I agree with Mrs G. on the Freecycle idea. That stuff goes FAST! Someone always on there looking for furniture no matter the color or style.

Erikka said...

IKEA is quite a wonder of a shopping experience...

As for your blue furniture quandry...yeah, I think B, driving it to a thrift store is the earth friendlier choice. burning trash of any kind is a bad idea. trust me, i know from personal experience. my brother once almost burned down our house and the back yard forest...and it releases toxins into the air and ground.

i signed up for April too...the idea of writing letters to whomever really enticed me too. Good luck Angie!

Angie said...

Great tips on the Freecycle, Mrs. G. I posted the furniture at 11:00a.m. and had a taker by 11:20!! They are coming to pick it up tomorrow. Whew. One thing down, 500 to go.