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Friday, March 07, 2008

Off to who knows where.....

Well, after my 2nd visit to the chiro today, I'm feeling even a little better - one more trip on Monday and I should be good.

As for today, my husband has many suprises in store for the ole' gal on her 40th birthday - all of which I know nothing of - scary.

Parts I've scraped together? Hotel, dinner w/friends, suprise presents.....that's about it.

For someone who doesn't particularly like suprises I'm doing pretty well at holding down my 'inner bitch' (okay, it's usually not so 'inner' but pretty 'outer') and going with the flow......my new motto in my new decade.

How long do you think this will last??

Have a great weekend, all.

p.s. Opening night of Charlotte's Web was fantastic - we are so proud of our little Templeton the Rat - she was great.


Cherry said...


Hope the weekend turns out wonderful in every way!

Mrs. G. said...

Have fun! Love the Rufus.

Gruppie Girl said...

Happy birthday from one pisces to another!

Madeline said...

Happy forty! Woohooo! I'm looking forward to the details of all that you got and did.

Sadie said...

Happy Birthday!!! I'm sure your surprises will be great!! So glad your back is feeling better!!

Erikka said...

Happy Belated Birthday Angie!

hope all the bday surprises went down like sugar :)