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Friday, December 14, 2007

Time flies when you're having fun......wait, is this fun?

Geez, has it been 3 days since the last post? Wow, this week is flying. Off tonight to finish up the Christmas shopping. Jesus, I am so sick of shopping - I am not a shopper.

I did find out through my sister-in-law, who works for corporate Best Buy that one of their stores in Minnesota is getting in 200 Wii's on Sunday.......now, the question is, do I want to be one of those IDIOTS who goes and gets in line for 2 hours in the freezing cold, gets their ass on the news for being so stupid and ends up not getting a Wii in the end? The jury is out on just how stupid I am, but I am considering being one of those idiots. I'm not even sure I care enough about getting this stupid thing, but it becomes about NOT being able to get one more than anything. I'll let you know just how idiotic I am when I decide for myself. Any body out there that has done this and if so, was it worth it? Help me decide.

Tonight it's all last minute stuff at Target.....one of my favorite places on earth except during the holidays. The kids are tweaking b/c the doorbell was ringing all day with the UPS man. Online shopping, the BEST thing in the world. Next year, I'm going to try to do it all online especially b/c we will probably be paying $5 a gallon for gas by then.

Cookie baking commenced today. Tomorrow I have to roll out the gingerbread and sugar cookie dough and actually bake/decorate it. Then off to deliver the cookie boxes. OH! I found the cutest things at the antique store the other day to put the cookies in. I found antique cardboard egg cartons with little dividers inside? They are so perfect! I'm insane and paid $5 a piece for them, but I couldn't resist - they were adorable. John rolled his eyes when I showed him - he has NO taste at all and thinks I'm neurotic. Can't imagine why.

Other than that, things are as wild as ever around here. Brenna has basketball from 4:30-6:30, then is having a friend over night. Maddie has a Christmas clogging party they are performing at and then having a dance with a DJ. Alyson is off with her best friend, Tommy, to a basketball game, then to a birthday party for their friend, then over night at a friends' house. John worked 3-12:30 last night, then doubled back and went back into work this morning at 4:00, so you can imagine what's on his agenda for tonight: couch, t.v., wheels up, snoring.

Love to hear how your week went and what's on the agenda for the weekend! Have a good one.


m~ said...

I think my favorite Santa is going to be standing in line for a Wii. I can't believe we're doing it either, but Santa's got do what Santa's got to do.

Angie said...

I agree, Mary - I think I will too.

Mrs. G. said...

So, did you stand? Or not? If you do, we need a post with pictures.

My week was pretty good, though this next week will be better because starting Tuesday, I am on vacation!!!

My shopping is done. And I am spending the day trying to catch up on chores and make cookies and caramels. The problem is I am reading this great book and keep getting distracted.

I wanted to let you know I threw you up on my blogroll. Sorry it took so long. Love you blog.

Erikka said...

OR you can wait for a tip on when they go on sale on amazon and get one with a click of the mouse. my boyfriend and I did that and ended up with THREE Wiis. :) We sold the other two to friends for the price we paid but if we had the drive, we probably coulda sold them for beaucoup bucks on ebay right now. Ah well. Friends in need.

My week-end was filled with snow and ice storms (MA) and more christmas cheer. my boyfriend, his sister and I baked cookies on Saturday and played games (including dance dance revolution on the Wii). Then I went to a tapas party with some old friends. Sunday was spent inside crafting as it rained and sleeted and snowed all day with gusting winds. It was such a cozy time.

Hope you either got a Wii or can wait for amazon!


m~ said...

He did it! We got it! YEAH!

*~*Cece*~* said...

I'm done xmas shopping but now Mister has me going out tonight to pick up something for his mom & a female coworker.

Then its off to the market b/c I need a few more things to make tamales this weekend, baking ingredients and to put together a pasta salad for the company pot luck on Friday!

I've got all MY shopping done but SOMEONE just started and now needs help b/c he caught a cold. Like I don't have enough to do as it is, huh?

Since we're hosting xmas eve at our house I'm not even cleaning until Monday afternoon! lol As much as I love Christmas I'll be glad when its over and we're on our way to Vegas for two days. No kids, crowds, shopping or family. Just the two of us holed up in our hotel DRINKING! lol