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Sunday, December 09, 2007

New Job

I've never said much about what I do in my 'off-season'. You are all aware that from February-October, I'm on my hands and knees in the fields. It would be nice to take the entire off-season, actually off, but there is always something I try to do to keep a little $$ rolling in.

The latest thing I'm trying is Customer Service over the phone. Some of you may have done this before. Being the skeptic that I am, I was expecting it to be a hoax, but in reality, it's pretty cool.

First of all, I get to pick my own schedule, get to work as much or as little as I want and the calls come directly into the house. The $$ is better than anything I could be doing outside the house and this way, I don't have to drive anywhere and don't have to be away from the kids.

I could see where it wouldn't be for everyone, but for me it's working out pretty nice, so we'll see.

The weather here is crap, I'm sorry to say. Cold, cold, and more cold, it was -14 this morning. See how quickly I just roll that off my tongue? -14, -14......wow. We are having trouble with our eggs freezing before we can get them collected! Now that's cold.

The sheep are barely sticking their noses out of the barn, choosing instead to stay nice and toasty burrowed down in their straw. Who could blame them, right?

This week will bring more cold weather, sending out Christmas cards, cleaning house and starting (yes, I said STARTING) my Christmas shopping. Ugh.

What kind of a week do you have planned? Hopefully something more exciting than that!

Have a great Monday.


Cherry said...

Oh, that job does sound ideal for you! I hope that works out this winter.

But man, that is way too cold for me. During NaBloPoMo and reading your posts I was thinking that maybe Wisconsin wouldn't be too bad of a place to settle down, but -14? ugh!

*~*Cece*~* said...
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*~*Cece*~* said...

I don't know how you do it, Sweetie. We were leaving a dinner party in L.A. on Saturday night & it was 48 degrees and I was FREEZING!

Erikka said...

by customer service, what exactly do you mean? do you have scripts to follow? is it for one product? how much does it pay if I may be so bold to ask? (just for future reference for when I need a flexible job)

Also, some farm questions for you - do you compost? how does winter treat your compost, if you do? i read about a guy who over the winter, left animals' poop in the barn, but would cover it with wood chips and straw to help compost it. Then, by spring, he would have compost! Ever tried anything like that?

Mrs. G. said...

Well my week will be warmer than yours, but it will likely be wetter. Just counting down the days until my classes are over and I can read some books...and wrap presents.

m~ said...

Burrrrrrr, -14 is a bit chilly especially compared to what we had today. It was 40 and foggy Yuck! Our chickens aren't laying as much which sucks, I need more eggs. Do you ever use a light in the coop to fool them?

We are doing some"spring" cleaning for no other reason than too many pack-rats are living under one roof. Today we decorated Christmas cookies, but we really don't have any big plans. Hope you enjoy your new job. It sounds like a great idea.

Madeline said...

Tag! hope you play. It's a "week in review" meme. The rules are in my latest post. Stay warm up there!