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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

Well, I can't believe 3 days has gone by since I posted. What the hell happened to Tuesday? Not quite sure. Wednesday was spent in the car for 10+ hours, pure hell. We arrived last night around 1:30 a.m. and spent today cooking and getting ready for our Thanksgiving tomorrow.

Anyway, on to the point of this post. Thanks. I can't thank you enough for the input on my post about Maddie. You all gave me such great advice and such heart-felt opinions about this topic. It made me sad to hear of all of you that had dreams that were never realized or had parents that weren't suportive. It has cemented by decision that no matter what the outcome, I need to support this child while also keeping her grounded. What harm is there in trying, right? Especially at her age.

You'll be happy to know that she has been obsessively practicing and has her audition scheduled for Saturday. We put together her resume of all her winnings and spliced together several video tapes from her performances for her audition tape. She gets to audition live, but also has to submit a resume and a video tape. Equally, I have been preparing her for the worst, letting her know that just b/c she is auditioning, doesn't mean she is a 'shoe-in' and to get ready just in case they didn't give her the answer she is hoping for.

Anyway, this blogging community is a crazy thing, isn't it? How can people that you have never met, be so supportive and know exactly what to say?? I'm at a loss for words. So, I will just say, 'thank you'. You have no idea how much your input has helped me.

I have so many things to post about, but we are leaving for a concert and don't have the time right now. More tomorrow......with pictures. Hope you ate yourselves sick and are laying miserably on the couch, moaning. It's the only way to end a Thanksgiving Day.


Sadie said...

I ate myself sick...TWICE!! *lol* Love the leftovers!!!

And you're welcome!!! I'm so glad to hear she'll be auditioning! You are a wise, and strong, mom! I know when the day comes that one of my girls is doing what I was doing I'll be as nervous as you...but I'm still so excited for that day!!

Let us know how it all goes!! It's so exciting just to try! Especially for something as big as Branson!!

Happy Thanksgiving! I've missed you posting the past couple of days!! I'm glad you all made it alright!!

And yes...the blog world is crazy. I literally just started mine in October and I already feel I have a handful of blogger-mommies that I HAVE to visit every day and that take the time to comment on mine! It's such a great community when you find it!

Madeline said...

She is beautiful, and clearly (from all those awards) talented and if she's anything like you here - a powerful people magnet. She'll get it. Tell her, from one Maddie to another (I am Maddie only with my family), "Break a leg!"