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Friday, November 02, 2007

It's November 1st today, right?

Does anyone see what the date of this post is? Does anyone see what the date of my last post was? Hmmmmmm. Finished before I've even started. Yes, yesterday, I was running around Minneapolis/St. Paul buying up all the 50% off Halloween merchandise within the entire Twin Cities area (remember my obsession?) and not even thinking about NaBloPoMo. After all this preparation and reminders and friend invitations and ning groups......done. Ugh. My obsession side-tracked me and that's the first (second, third...?) sign of a problem.

Oh well, I'm still going to post every day for the rest of the days in November and pretend this whole November 1st thing didn't happen. Last year I didn't make it because I forgot to post at the end of November, now I'm forgetting the first day, maybe next year I'll get it right and be eligible for one of those great prizes.

In the meantime, congrats to all of you that I regularly read, I see you remembered and are off to a fantastic start. If no prizes can come this way, let's hope some of them can come your way.

Now, I'm off to organize all the great Halloween deals we got yesterday and get ready for our adult Halloween party we are having tomorrow night!

Until next time.


Linda said...

Awwww, sorry you missed the first day, but heck, it's a personal goal, and what's a prize anyway? The real point is the rest of us reading blogs we probably never would have stumbled across without Ning, and Nablopomo. Keep it up!

*~*Cece*~* said...

Oh man I hate it when things like that happen!

Angie said...

Thanks for the comfort, girls - but you see I didn't learn my lesson!! Another day of NO posting.


Erikka said...

Angie, lady, I am right there with you. Sometimes Life just gets too distracting...figures it has to happen during NaBloPoMo, but you know what? I'd rather be too swept up in the moment and forget to post then be posting exuberant amounts because there's no Life to be swept up in.

I did a double post to see if that redeems me in someone's eyes. Who knows.

Keep on truckin'.