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Sunday, November 18, 2007

ET phone home!

Can you believe that my 2 youngest kids have never seen ET??? Dear God. My oldest daughter has and remembers it well, but tonight ET was on ABC Family, a channel I usually hate and don't let my kids watch. The beginning of the movie came on and I was all, "Oh, wow - ET, this is a great movie!" And the 2 youngest were all like, "we've never seen it." WHAT?! You've never seen ET?? I think we even own the movie for god's sake.

My oldest says, with all the shame she can muster, "jeez, mom, these two are so sheltered." Okay, chick - like you are so worldly.....anyway, you know, you get busy with your life, you assume things have happened that haven't, you get so busy that you don't even realize that your flippin' kids have never seen one of the best movies EVAH! So, what did we do? We sat down and watched it. We laughed, we cried, we laughed and cried some more and it was awesome. Even though the graphics are a little out of date compared to what my kids have grown up with, it is still a great movie and Maddie and Brenna loved it.

So....what other obvious things have these two not done? It really got me thinking. But, they don't seem to be any worse-for-where, so they must not be missing too much.

This week will bring stress. We will be trying to get ready to go out of town for the big Thanksgiving holiday. We are going to Branson to be with my dad and step-mom, who have been trying to get us down there for quite some time. But when you run an organic faming business, you are pretty much out of commission from February-October and then you don't feel like doing much of anything b/c you are completely exhausted! Well, we broke down and are leaving on Wednesday, which means 2 days of hell. Laundry, packing, cleaning out the car, which could take 2 days in itself, packing the car, taking the dogs to my sister-in-law's, finding someone who is willing to come over here at 'dawn's crack' to feed the sheep, chickens, rabbits and such. Jesus, leaving town when you live on a small farm is not an easy thing, people. Keep this in mind if you feel so inclined to become a small farmer. At least during this time of year there are no greenhouses to water, greenhouse sides to roll up and down when the weather changes every 15 minutes or so, irrigation to turn on/off, plants to plant and weeds to pull, so actually, leaving this time of year isn't too bad. I'll keep telling myself that this week while I'm cussing and asking myself 'why?'

I'm really a home-body and don't like leaving home, but my dad does a lot of nice things for us and I miss not living close to him, so I'm also looking forward to spending some time with him.

It's off to bed, although with everything running through my mind, there probably won't be much sleep. This is what I like to do to torture myself, lay awake and worry about all the things that I need to remember to do this week. As if getting no sleep is going to make things run more smoothly, right? I'm insane, in case you haven't noticed yet.

How about all of you? Going anywhere for the holidays or do you get to stay home?

P.S. Just b/c I know you are dying to know.....Deer Hunt 07? Still nada. Might be a shut-out, folks. Awwwwwww. (she says, her words dripping with sarcasm...) I'm such a bitch.

Have a good night.


Kat said...

We get to stay home...more or less. My mom lives 40 minutes away.

Hey, how do you find someone to take care of your animals?? My dad has a farm in FL and I could actually get them to come visit... but for the goats, chickens, peacocks, turtles, dogs, etc.

Kat said...
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Madeline said...

I'm loving the deer commentary. It is truly insane up there. My son is sooo into becoming a hunter. His father and I don't have that gene. But we are learning it for him.

I showed my kids ET when they were too young to appreciate it. So it's good you waited. Thanks for the reminder. I'll try it again soon.

*~*Cece*~* said...

Well I never have to worry about any of that b/c I don't see becoming a small organic farmer, in Los Angeles, in my future any time soon. hehehe

Thanksgiving will be spent at my Grandparents house, same as every year. The only difference is my Grandma won't be there.

It'll be an early night b/c I've got to be up at 4:20 to shower, get ready, do one last sales ad sweep and be at my mom's by 5am. Luckily she's only down the street. From there its a quick trip to starbucks then to Target to get in line & wait for the opening. After Target is a drop off trip at home & then we head to the mall for our MAJOR shopping. After thatt its a nap and out to have drinks with my sister that night! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Have a safe trip!

Angie said...

Kat - we rely on friends & neighbors. Lucky for us, most of our friends/neighbors have animals too, so they understand how hard it is to find dependable people. We've been pretty lucky so far. Another option is to find a kid (high school & dependable) and offer to pay them. With teenagers, $$ talks!

Madelaine - Glad you're enjoying the 'deer updates' - he'll be home any minute and running to get back in the stand and give it another 'go'. Both kids are planning on sitting up there with him tonight - maybe they'll bring him some luck - at least it will bring me some peace & quiet while they're out there!

Cece - no farming plans for L.A.? C'mon, you could probably make a killing selling fresh veggies - you have access to so many people!! haha I'm jealous of your traditions with your mom/sister and family. Even though I HATE shopping, it's great that you do all that with your family. I know they get on your nerves sometimes, but from someone who is not close to her mom, it's a nice thing to have. Shop 'till you drop, girl! BTW, if you find a Nintendo Wii - will you pick it up? haha I can't find one of those frickin' things to save my life!! I've been stalking Sam's Club for weeks - I think they are about to turn me in to the cops!

Mrs. G. said...

Staying homee...the family is coming to us. Still stressful, but I hate to travel. I'm becoming such a shut in in my middle age. Happy Thanksgiving.

Angie said...

Mrs. G - I couldn't agree more and find that as I get older, I'm completely satisfied sitting at home with a glass of wine (or two, or three...).