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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Delurking Day!

In case you haven't heard, today is The Great MoFo Delurk, according to Sweetney & Jenandtonic.

Which means I have to prepare myself to 'come out of the closet' so to speak. There is a LOT of lurking that is done by me. There are many, many blogs that I read and never comment on. Why is this? Why do I feel intimidated by that big, white, blank comment box? Scared of sounding stupid? Scared of people actually coming over to this little blog of mine and actually reading? What is the big deal?

This is difficult to figure out. But today is the day. The comments will be flying from my fingertips and confessing to all you great bloggers that I have been lurking around your parts (that sounds bad, huh?) for sometime now and just how much I enjoy reading about your lives. This of course is to get my mind off of my life.....ahem.

Also, just a little news from our part of the world. We will be heading to Madison this weekend because our daughter made it to the State Golf Championships as an individual!!!! Sadly, her team lost by 2 strokes from going too, they have gone to State for the last 3 years, so we are sad about that - BUT - Alyson (& her teammate Jenny) are going as individuals!!!! We are so happy for her and can't wait to watch her play. Ok, enough bragging - just couldn't resist. Oh, yeah, did I mention she was up for Homecoming queen too? Jesus, who's kid is this?? Seriously, both her father and I were out behind the bleachers at the game getting drunk and having sex -we certainly were not candidates for Homecoming Queen/King - dear God....and that's if we even bothered to show up at the damn game - usually someone was having a keg and that was waaaaay more fun.

So we have a busy few days ahead, but there are surely internet connections in Madison, wouldn't you think? Have a great weekend.
Until next time.

Oh, remember - DELURK TODAY!


Ami said...

You had sex behind the bleachers?


We always found a more secluded place.

Okay, I have de-lurked for you today.

zoot said...

I'm a closet lurker too. I'm too lazy! Happy de-lurking day!

*~*Cece*~* said...

Finally! I'm not the only person to comment! Whoohoo! lol Girl you need go get out & comment more!

You dirty teenager you! lol

Angie said...

isn't it nice not to have all the pressure, cece?? is that how it works? I'm supposed to comment too? Oohhhh, I get it - duh! You're right, I do need to get better at that.

Thanks for being so loyal!


Cherry said...

Hi Angie!
As is the custom to annouce, I found you via your NaBloPoMo group and of course I just commented on your page there too.

This is totally off topic, so I apologize...
So you are in Wisconsin? With a small farm? My husband (the guy who REALLY wants a small farm), went to Madison and has been dying to get me up there to visit. We never thought a small farm was something that could survive up there so I'm very curious about how it's working out.

Happy Delurking!

Miss Eliza said...

Thanks for commenting!! I'm excited to start reading your blog, now - a neighbor AND organic farmer who writes fun posts - can it be??

I started a group on NaBloPoMo for Twin Citians - you're close enough to count, I think. :) Thought it would be good to know who else is from around these parts - and to be able to get some moral support during those cold months!

I'm totally intrigued by your farm - do you have a website?