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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

School Daze

Here is my little "goodie-goodie", as her sister calls her, getting her books out to start school. We are very relaxed around here as to when school will 'officially' start, I leave it up to the kids. Left up to the kids, we would be a completely unschooling household, which it pretty much is.

Maddie would be considered 7th grade this year and has been pretty excited about starting her work. Personally, I think that shows that when kids have a choice, without pressure and guilt, they will usually make the right choice and learn what interests them. Even Brenna eventually gets bored not doing something that would be considered 'school' and chimes in that she is ready.

Why did no one tell me that having a Senior in High School was such work? Jesus, I had to meet with the guidance counselor this morning for ACT sign up (her second time taking the test), schedule changes, college applications, student aid shit.....blah, blah, blah. Since when did they start this stuff so early? Supposedly, the State schools (University of Wisconsin) start accepting early application on September 15th!! Who has their shit together by then?! Ugghhhh.

Alyson really isn't sure what the hell she wants to do. She is leaning toward a 4 year Interior Design degree and University of Wisconsin - Stout - is a fantastic school for that, but of course, she wants to get as far away from home as possible and that is only 4 hours away - not nearly far enough! Evil child. We'll see how she feels when she is broke, lonely, sick, etc. and wants her mommy!! I'll just laugh..............right.

Other than all that stuff, I am completely obsessed with this frickin' camera and I am learning through trial and error - the only way I know how - and it is awesome!

Okay, on to upload more pictures and get ready to go to Alyson's golf meet. Until next time!


*~*Cece*~* said...

You home school the kids? I didn't realize that! Awesome!

Angie said...

Ha! Is it awesome?? Sometimes I wonder! Nahhh, it's good - I love having them home and it's worked out really well for us. They will go to high school though - we'll be sick of each other by then!

Did you see my comment on the post below? Thanks for checking in.