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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Getting fit or at least making an attempt.....

Let me start by saying that I am not the kind of person that works out at a gym. Let me also say that I am not someone that gives a shit about body image. I have never NOT eaten whatever the hell I wanted and plenty of it. Weight has never been a problem for me, I guess and I am definitely NOT what someone would call vain about my looks. The way I look at it - I get plenty of 'exercise' in the form of working my ass off on this farm from April through October and that is enough for me. Usually, my 'workouts' leave me hunched over and barely able to walk b/c of my sore back and legs. Farming is notorious for what it does to your body and last year I was feeling it.

Then.....along came March 7th of this year and I turned 39. Actually, before the actual birthday, I had been noticing that things weren't exactly in the same place they once were, a bit of sagging and bulging was occuring. When the hell did this happen? Aren't I still the hot thing I once was? Okay, maybe not HOT, but I was better than average, in my own mind anyway!

Even though I was noticing these changes, I certainly wasn't wanting to go to the effort to do anything about it. Winter is my down time, my time to hibernate and make a fire in the fireplace, sit in my chair and eat under a blanket. We live in frickin' Northern Wisconsin, remember?

As I said, the birthday came along and I had half-assed mentioned to hubby that a membership at the new gym that just opened up was what I needed, not necessarily what I wanted, but what I needed. Well......needless to say, guess what my present was?

Now, some women might be offended by this gift. But, have you ever heard the saying "be careful what you wish for?" Yeah.

So, here I am with this membership sitting on the counter making me feel guilty, although maybe that whole sleeve of thin mints I just ate isn't helping, and knowing that I need to go check it out.

Okay. Here I go. Up at 7:00 (did I mention I'm not a morning person and that functioning before coffee passes my lips doesn't happen? Yeah, I think I did, actually) and out the door with my new tennis shoes and my ipod. Show up at the gym, you know it's one of those gyms that's open 24 hours and you just use your card to activate the door to get in? So, luckily, I am the only person there at this time. Kind of hard to believe, but a relief all the same. No one likes to go into a gym full of people and try to act like you know what the hell you are doing when you don't. So, I cruise around and check out all the machines and decide the treadmill is really what I'm most interested in. At one point in my life (a very long time ago-prekids) I did jog once in awhile. In my mind I'm thinking, if I can just run 1 mile a day and work on a few machines to target a few areas that have become a 'problem', I will be satisfied.

There is no ideal weight I would like to be and I'm not insane enough to think I will ever look like I used to when I was young, but there is no doubt that I could lose a good 10-15 pounds and just feel better and have a little more energy.

Anyway, I got sidetracked. So, I jump on the treadmill and set the distance for 1 mile after I walk at a pretty good pace for 5 minutes to warm up. Here I am jogging, jogging, trying to remember to breathe, trying not to think of the side-ache that I know is coming, jogging, jogging, cranking up my ipod to try and get my mind off of what I'm doing, jogging, jogging.........and believe it or not, I made it to 3/4 of a mile before I had to go back to walking. This was impressive for me considering I hadn't jogged in over 17 years. Farm work must be a pretty good workout afterall!

Well, to try and keep a long story from getting longer, I have been going faithfully to this damn gym for 2 weeks now. Haven't missed a day. Truly, it becomes addicting. Now, don't get me wrong, when I'm laying there in bed and thinking about getting up and going to the gym, my mind is saying 'hell no', but I force myself to get up and do it and by the time I'm on the treadmill and going - something kicks in and it isn't as bad as I thought. A mile a day for 12 days (it took me 2 days to get all the way up to a mile) and then various machines to help tone up 'the butt' and 'the tummy'. The whole process takes me about 45-50 minutes and I am back home and guzzling my coffee in no time.

More than the body benefitting, the biggest changes I have noticed are in my mood and attitude. I realize some of this also is because our weather has stopped acting like an ass and has actually been fit for humans for the last 2 weeks and this always makes me happy. But, just getting up and moving has helped too.

Do me a favor though, will you? In a month when I'm sick of it and my ass is back on the couch eating sleeves of Girl Scout cookies? Don't remind me about this post, huh? Just let me be happy in my moment and I'll worry about sticking with it tomorrow.


Cece said...

Damnit! You had to pull out the gym card & guilt me, huh? And I thought we were friends! lol

Actually, I had all intentions of getting up early, last Saturday, and going to join WW again. I was excited,too. Then I remembered my girlfriend, from Alabama, was coming to L.A. on Sunday & I decided not to waste the money that week or disappoint myself at the same time because I KNOW there was no way I was going to hit the gym and begin a program when food & drinks w/an old friend were just days away. So this Saturday is the day for me. I had cheese cake & coffee to mark the occasion! lol

On a more serious note, I know I need to do something. Not only in my weight department (after seeing vacation pictures of myself its an eye opener, I tell ya!) but I need to stop smoking, too. After my grandma's Cancer diagnosis, 2 weeks ago, I've been thinking a lot about it. I know my dad wants me to stop,too. But damn, its hard! Mostly when I'm drinking is when I smoke.

I've got 2-3 smokes left in my pack & keep telling myself "After this pack that's it." Know what? I'm stretching those few smokes to last as long as possible! lol

Oops, I made this post about me & forgot to say GO YOU!!! lol Good luck with the gym.

Angie said...

Hey, Cece - you're back from vacation - how was it?? I'm sure you all made it worth your while!

Believe it or not, I'm still hanging in there and doing the gym thing - don't you dare feel guilt though - I could fall off the wagon at any time - believe me.

As far as the smoking - I did that mostly in college, like you, mostly when I was drinking - and still crave it when I'm having beers - but haven't caved yet. It truly is the hardest thing to quit. I wish you the best of luck.

Go easy on yourself with the gym, we get beat up enough in the world without beating up ourselves - pat yourself on the back as much as possible, forget guilt and before you know it - you will be in the habit and feeling good!

Now, I'm heading over to your site to see how much fun you had on your vacation and will be jealous!

Cece said...

Well it must've been a sign from up above b/c I've read blog after blog about people doing WW and/or exercising. I joined again. I can do it, I've lost 40lbs before.

I'm really going to work hard on the no smoking, even if it means cutting down the drinking so not to trigger the craving, you know?

Vacation was great. If you check out my post Vacation is over, at the very bottom there are 2 links to pictures there. If you can't find them let me know & I'll email them to you.

Now go running for both of us while I head out to grab beer for our bbq tonight! lol

Angie said...

Cece - I have NO doubt you can do it.

However, I must have jinxed myself - I didn't go to the gym today or yesterday, too frickin' busy with kid stuff! No way I'm missing tomorrow though.

Loved your vacation pics - looked like a great time.