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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Things that made me happy today....

- the beautiful sunshine and warm breeze

- the fact that I just wore a t-shirt and it's November in Wisconsin

- 500 heads of garlic planted in newly tilled soil

- the site of my chickens scratching in the leaves and dusting themselves in the dirt

- spending the day with my husband cleaning up around our farm

- watching our Beagle chase a rabbit through the pine trees

- the flock of canadian geese that flew into our pond

- the call of the migrating sandhill cranes as they flew over heads, so low that we could hear their wings whizzing by

and finally, the absolutely gorgeous full moon that is out tonight and lighting up the night like huge nightlight.

It feels good to have had a full day of hard work, great weather and many accomplishments.

Hope you all had an equally happy day.


Cece said...

Great post. Sounds like a wonderful day.

blackdaisies said...

wow ... sounds fab though i stopped reading after 'beagle' ... we sooooo want a beagle :)