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Friday, October 20, 2006


Wow. Two days have gone by and so much to say....first, if you haven't heard about what's going on over at fussy.org - she is having a NaBloPoMo - anyone know what that is? Maybe you are more familiar with the NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month - the idea is to write a certain number of words every day and at the end of the month - you have your novel you've always wanted to write. Well, NaBloPoMo is the same concept only blogging - you write a post EVERY DAY for a month - there are rules, nothing too serious and prizes and you can check it all out on her website - www.fussy.org.

So, I've composed myself after the whole Word Search Dilemna. Alyson decided to take a stand and NOT redo the word search and forego the points. That is her choice and she is willing to live with the consequences and there you go - game over.

The two other girls and I took the day off from 'school' and headed into Minneapolis today. Maddie had a gift card at Barnes and Noble burning a hole in her purse, so off we went. Who can't spend 4 hours in Barnes and Noble? That's just what we did. I scored in the used book section and both kids spent their money as well. Picked up a little Chinese food on the way home and all was right with the world. While at the bookstore, I was in the farming aisle checking out the latest books on the world of 'back to the landers' and just down from me were these two girls (probably early 20s)in the 'baby/pregnancy' section. Well as far as I could tell with my expert eavesdropping skills, one was newly pregnant and was there to check out the selection of mommy-to-be books. It was very cute and she was very excited, looking at name books, baby books, journals, breastfeeding books, etc., etc. and she was saying how she wanted to do everything just right and make all the right choices and write EVERYTHING down, blah, blah, blah.......and I thought, that's so cute and exciting, but she is soooooo clueless. Do you remember when you felt that way? It was all so new and you were going to be perfect at this mothering thing and do everything right, stuff that maybe your own mother did wrong? God, how quick does that change? Not that we don't all want to do everything right, but just the cluelessness of what motherhood is and what it takes out of you. It is the single most exhausting time of our lives. Writing everything down? Filling in baby books? Some of you might have been good at that, but personally, all my kids' baby books are still empty with shit just stuck in there for the 'some day' when I get around to glueing it all in! Just making sure the kid is fed, dressed and diaper changed was enough to make my head spin, let alone making everything perfect. I guess if we didn't all start out thinking how great it was going to be, no one would have kids - so it's good to be naively in the dark in the beginning - because if anyone would have told us the truth, we might have said "no thanks". I love my kids more than anything in the world, but God, this is a tiring, never-ending but worthwhile job.

Now, find some spare time from raising those kids you were once so excited about having and join in on the fun of NaBloPoMo month of November. You can sign up at the website above.

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