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Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday morning without coffee.......not good

Of course, if your husband used up the last of the coffee beans on Sunday, he would tell you, right? Wrong. At least if I knew there were no more beans, I would have saved the burnt coffee still in the pot from yesterday and just reheated it - but the finding of no coffee beans happened AFTER the pot was washed.

So, on to tea. Not my favorite thing in the world - certainly doesn't give me the jolt that coffee does - but better than nothing.

On top of the coffee discovery, I was cleaning out my daughter's pants this morning to go into the laundry and what do I discover? No, nothing sinister - just the lunch check I gave her last week. No wonder the school has been leaving messages on my machine about my negative account. Only thing is I figured the check had already cleared and when I was doing my 'mental' balancing of the checkbook - didn't figure that in. No actual balancing ever happens - just my mental balancing - very dangerous - especially as my early alzheimer's kick in every now and then.

So, in light of my slow morning and the continued beautiful weather we are having, I think today is going to be a 'teacher in-service' at our school today. The kids and I are going to take off to the State Park. We'll call it our Mental Health Day - yeah, that sounds good.

Hope you all had a full cup of steaming coffee this morning and that you take some Mental Health time for yourself.

Until next time.

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