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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Typical Day

God, I want a nice digital camera. We used to have a digital, but not a nice one. Then I got my Minolta 35mm and liked the pictures better than the digital, but now a friend got a Nikon D70 and I am just crazy about the pictures it takes! Hardly in our price range, however.

Today, the leaves here are unbelievable - the news said we at 'peak' already - but that seems awful early. Anyway, I took off in the car, just me, my camera and my iPod and got some great shots. Once I get them developed (as is the pain in the ass with a 35mm) I wil put them on my flickr account along with the other 500 pictures I have been meaning to get on there.

We are heading out to a Threshing Party - for those of you that don't live in BFE - farmville - it is a country thing. Some friends are having it along with a bunch of fun for the kids - a talent show, sheep riding, pedal tractor pulls, etc. Then the bonfire and the beer, of course there has to be beer, thank God.

Hubby is finishing up the siding on the chicken coop and then we are off.

Hope you are all having a 'typical' weekend day and enjoying your Saturday.

Until next time.

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