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Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Laundry List

Girls Scout meeting set? Check.
All girl scouts notified of meeting? Check.
Soccer meeting set? Check.
All Board members notified of meeting? Check.
First round of books ordered for the farming conference? Check.
Meeting set with conference director? Check.
Plane tickets for clogging trip? Check.
Hotel reservations for clogging trip? Check.
CSA Member letters written and sent? Check.
Arrangements and reservations made for 16 year olds birthday party? Check.
Invitations sent for 16th birthday party? Check.

Laundry done? No.
Dishwasher loaded? No.
House cleaned? No.
Christmas decorations put away? No.

Okay then, everything seems to be in order, considering I am more than half crazy and have completely lost what was left of my mind. This week has been unbelievable and there is no relief in sight. Is can only get better, right?

I knew I was going to dread coming back to 'real life' after the holidays but this is ridiculous. Of course this would be the week that the husband is also going crazy working 10+ hours a day and Saturday. At least we aren't seeing each other enough to add 'fighting and bickering' with husband to the list.

The CSA letters going out is the most exciting thing for me. There actually might be people wanting to sign up! Can you imagine? Let's hope anyway, if no one signs up after all this, it might be a tad disappointing.

The soccer meetings are the biggest drag. We have been running the soccer program in our town for about 4 years now and I am ready to phase out and let some new young blood come in and take over. Of course, this doesn't happen easily - no one wants the responsibility and the work and the famous line we always here from parents is "we don't have time, we work." No shit? Well, we just sit around on our butts all day doing nothing and have all the free time in the world - no wonder we are doing this! Give me a break. We ALL work and if you want your kids involved in things, you have to get involved yourself. This of course is why I am also the 3rd grade Girl Scout leader - there wasn't going to be a 3rd grade troop because no one wanted to be the leader - so against my husband's advice, I volunteered. What? I was middle daughter's leader, so how could I say 'no' to the youngest? Then I could listen to "Mom, that's not fair, you did it for Maddie!" And this is such a perfect time to become the leader, you know why?? That's right - Girl Scout cookie sales!!! Yeah! Hundreds of boxes of cookies in the house and me eating my way through 98 of them - big fun. Thin Mints - I need a 12-step program, seriously.

As for the birthday party, I can't get that sucker planned and over fast enough. Instead of a car, which I was sure what she would ask for, she says: "Mom, you don't have to buy me anything, but could you just let me have a party?" How can you say no to that? Who's kid is this anyway? I'm definitely getting the good deal there.

Needless to say, this is why the posts aren't happening on a regular basis, I'm trying to hold in there and be better about it, but if it is frustrating for anyone (as if anyone is even reading this tripe!) just see the above list and have a heart, will you?

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Julie said...

Wow! I thought I was busy!! :)