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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Bad Blogger

That's me, Bad Blogger. So many days without a post. Same excuse as always, it's very busy around here. We survived 'party' weekend. I had my get together with all my friends on Friday night, very fun, but too late - we rolled in around 2:30 a.m. - we are getting way too old for this shit.

On to party #2, the 16 year old birthday bash. 30 - 16 year olds, bowling and then on to a kids hang out that we rented out. They played pool, darts, foosball ate pizza, listened to music, etc. - all was a big success and then 6 of them back to our house to spend the night. Whew. That's over. They are all great kids and had a great time.

The little ones spent the weekend with grandma - they had family 'game night' on Saturday night with grandpa's side of the family and had a ball. This is all on my husband's side and he comes from a big Catholic family with shitloads of extended family, so when they all get together, it's a real party. The kids love it, but for me, a girl that was raised by her father with not much for extended family - it gives me a migraine.

This week find us getting ready to head to Knoxville, Tennessee for the National Clogging Championships. Maddie came home from practice tonight with an incredibly sore hip, she thinks she pulled it - so off to the chiro tomorrow.

Over the weekend we received word from at least 4 more families that they will be signing up for our CSA, so that made us happy (& nervous). We also posted a few flyers at our favorite coffee shop and food co-op, just for good measure.

Other than that, things are pretty uneventful around here - the weather is being very odd - above normal temperatures and sunny, nothing like January usually is in Northern Wisconsin - but we'll take it. Of course this means in the spring when I would like it to be sunny and warm, it will be rainy, snowy and cold as hell so we won't be able to get in the fields - but that is probably just me looking at the bright side of things. It's my style.

I'll try to keep up better, but since we are heading out of town on Thursday for 4 days, I might not be able to keep my word - but I'll try. How is everything in your world? I'd love to hear what is going on with whoever might be reading this - drop a comment or two, would you?

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