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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Dreaming of the Cottage in the Woods

As a woman who is running her own farming business, running a soccer program, participating in the biggest Organic Farming Conference in the midwest, starting a Farmer's Market, raising 3 daughters, giving my hubby his alotted amount of time and jumping into this blogging world - there are times when I need a little 'quiet time', or better yet, just some time where it is actually quiet and I can put two thoughts together in my head without them being interrupted.

Don't get me wrong, I love these things, although I need to shed a few to keep my sanity, but there are times when I just want to be alone - even if it's only long enough to make a few lists and get my thoughts in order.

You can imagine that this is difficult to do. As all mothers, working outside the home or not - know, time to ourselves to just 'think' is really unmanageable. I have a plan for myself. Even if this plan is just something I can daydream about, it helps me mentally to know it is possible.

Last summer, my husband and I built a chicken coop. Nothing fancy, 10x10 kit from Menards costing about 350.00. We already had some of our own lumber, so that cut the costs. It has 2 small windows and double doors. I built this alongside my husband and after we built our home - this chicken coop seemed simple. Which brings me to where this post was originally going.

I am going to build another chicken coop myself, for myself. Yes, this is just one more reason for people to think I am officially losing my mind, but I am determined.

Just take a minute to imagine it:
A small 10x10, playhouse, if you will - all to yourself. I am going to tuck it in our 1/4 acre of pine trees, leaving enough space for the sun to shine through the windows. It will give just enough room for a comfy loveseat with lots of pillows (necessary for naps), a couple of comfy chairs (for when you invite your girlfriends for a tea party), a bookshelf for all the books you are trying to read but can never find the time, a hot plate for your tea pot and of course, because of where I live, some sort of heater. Ultimately, I would love to find an old wood stove to put in there - but that might be stretching it. A couple of old braided rugs, some of my VERY amateur photography framed on the walls and there you have it. My very own think tank. When I allow myself to think about this it makes me really happy. Not that I don't adore my kids and husband, but we all know there are times when you just want to escape. Since our finances don't allow me to take off to a hotel, go to a spa or take a vacation by myself to recharge - this is the best alternative.

Now, to only find a way to keep the kids out because I can see it now - they are totally going to overthrow me and try to make it their own - maybe an electric fence??? Just kidding of course, kind of.

What about the rest of you moms out there? What do you do to keep yourself from going insane with the schedules we try to keep? I would be really interested in hearing all the great ideas and I promise, if you live close? You are invited over to my playhouse for tea - whenever I get it built, that is.


Nicki said...

Your own private chicken coop? What a great idea! It's sounds wonderful to me. Comfy chairs, good books, tea...alone time. I might look into building one of those. :)

landismom said...

I think that's a great plan. It reminds me of another blog--I am Dr. Laura's Worst Nightmare--and her talking about her menopausal hut. And of course, resonant of A Room of One's Own by Virginia Woolf. It is so hard to find that private space to clear your head!