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Sunday, December 04, 2005

A Clogging We Will Go.........Again

Not sure if any of you out there in Internet world have heard of clogging - I'm sure a few of you - especially if you are from the South. Here in the Wisconsin/Minnesota area, it is pretty rare, but there is a group of 'cloggers' and my middle daughter "M", we'll call her, is a card carryin' member.

Two explanations: 1) "M" is middle child all the way, drama queen, ham, little Jon' Benet without the blond hair and psycho mom. This kid loves to perform. 2) clogging - sort of a mix between tap and irish step dance. Not as cheesy as tap (with a few exceptions) and not as classy as irish step, kind of the bastard step-child of the two.

Anyway, "M" has been clogging for about 2 1/2 years now and literally eats, sleeps and breathes the stuff. She is on a competition team where we get the lovely opportunity to travel to great states like Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and Louisiana to compete. Not that I would know if these states were great because basically we arrive on Friday, watch non-stop clogging for 12 hours a day and leave right when it's over to start our 12-16 hour drive home. Fun.Times.

Now don't get me wrong - it is great, the team is pretty successful, my daughter seems to have quite the knack for this type of dance and the bottom line is: she LOVES it.

God, the things we do for our children. If someone would have told me I would be travelling long ass ways to watch people clog - I would have said - 'yeah, right'. But, when you're child truly loves something - the exceptions you make are unbelievable.

So, today was the Christmas show to raise money to go to Nationals in Tennessee at the end of January. I've had my clogging fill for the day or the year, thank you very much.

Not to mention I have sinus infection from hell right now and anything that involved me having to get out of bed wasn't going to make me all that happy. So what does the hubby suggest after the 2 hour clogging show? "Hey, I know! Let's go out to eat with mom and dad (in-laws)." Please.shoot.him.now. All I wanted to do was head for my NyQuil coma. In the end, the in-laws paid for our dinner so that's cool, but now? NyQuil, Vicks and Halls, here I come. Sexy, huh? Nighty night!

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Johnny said...

You're doing your child a great service for her future. Clogging is excellent exercise. It teaches skills and builds character. That she will devote herself to it is a good sign for future successes. You're a good parent! Rejoice. :)