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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Can't seem to catch the spirit

Christmas spirit is definitely lacking this year. I can't quite figure out why, it just doesn't feel like Christmas. Maybe because we were gone for Thanksgiving (clogging competition), usually we get our tree the day after Thanksgiving and decorate the whole house - kind of a tradition - but after we got home from Kentucky we were so tired, the Christmas stuff was the last thing on our minds.

John's (husband) family does a BIG cookie bake every year. The kids love it and we spend all day at his mother's baking umteen zillion different kinds of cookies. I thought after we did that yesterday, that would bring on the spirit for me, but no. Maybe the fact that I haven't done ONE bit of shopping yet is why. That is very daunting and I seem to be procrastinating worse than ever.

Today I am going to tacke Christmas cards - taking the picture, heading to 1 hour photo, buying the cards, printing the labels, spending too much $$ on postage - sounds fun, huh?

Anyone else having trouble getting in the spirit of Christmas? If you have any suggestions to get me out of my Christmas 'slump', I'm all ears.

We did finally get the tree up last night and decorated and it does look beautiful - so that is a start, right?

Cookies and tree, yesterday - cards today - maybe shopping tomorrow - I'll get there, little by little.

Here's to you (holding up a coffee cup - little early for anything else) and wherever you are in your Christmas routine! We'll get through this together, one step at a time.


Energizer Bunny said...

Honestly I must agree. Seemingly the Christmas spirit is rather difficult to attain this year. I am bound and determined to not let it slip through my fingers though. I love coming home from work and watching the Christmas specials on tv and just looking at the tree. To me, it's the most relaxing time. Well, I must admit my quiet time does not last long until someone is hunting me, the phone is ringing off the wall every 5 minutes, or the kids are shouting to go to the stores. Anyway, nice post and I enjoyed the read.. :)

maria said...

I have no Christmas spirit this year and it has been like this
for quite a long time.

It is just too commercialized for
my tastes.Fortunately our kids are
grown now.....and they understand...

Of course, when the grandids will
finally appear on this earth, it will probably be a different story.

Then, the spirit might come back.
But only for the real Christmas not
the "store" version of it.